To Comply with Part NCC what do you (the Operator) need?

• Minimum Equipment Listing (M.E.L)

• Safety Management System (S.M.S)

• Operations Manual

• Maintenance Control Manual

These manuals / documents need to be aircraft / operator specific.

In addition to this you also (The Operator) need the following:

• An Accountable Manager

• A Senior or Chief Pilot (can be the same as the Accountable manager)

• A Flight Operations Manager

• A National Airworthiness Technical Representative (NATR)

• A Safety Officer

For further on-going compliance the Operator needs to:

Keep all documentation after each flight, this includes:

• Flight Plans

• Journey Log / Technical Log

• Fuel Chit for fuel uploaded

• Pilot Logs

• Notams

• Weight and Balance

• Risk Assessment of each flight

• Pax details

Furthermore the Operator needs to:

Carry out 6 monthly safety review of the flight operations and record and minute any findings and actions taken to rectify the findings.

Be able to show compliance to the tasks called for in the manuals.

Have a safety Library.

4 monthly safety review committee meeting documented.

Have an external audit carried out every 12 months of the acceptable means of Compliance.